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The Yorkshire Choice Awards

Why Sponsoring Awards

is great for business

In today's highly competitive business world, standing out is essential. An often under-utilised avenue for brand differentiation is award sponsorship, presenting immense potential for businesses to bolster their brand, nurture goodwill, and manifest their commitment to industry and community brilliance.

Award sponsorship isn't merely a marketing tactic; it's a declaration of your brand's leadership in your industry or community. It signifies that your business is deeply invested in not just commercial interactions but in lauding excellence, innovation, and prowess. Such a proactive gesture not only amplifies brand recognition but also fortifies customer allegiance.


Additionally, award events are unmatched networking hubs. These platforms introduce you to prospective clients and potential collaborators. The exposure goes beyond mere visibility; it solidifies your brand's esteemed position in a community that upholds excellence and contribution.

A testimony to the transformative power of award sponsorship can be observed in Jo Maltby's journey. As the founder of Handpicked Local, Jo has not just crafted a unique identity for her brand but also co-founded the Yorkshire Choice Awards.


Through these awards, Jo offers businesses in the region a golden chance to sponsor, paving the way for them to amplify their brand's influence, reach, and reputation.


In essence, diving into award sponsorship transcends a mere charitable act; it's a calculated move. It provides the golden ticket to endorse excellence, cultivate relationships, and above all, uplift your brand's prestige in both the industry and the broader community.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards

Elevate your brands visibility

Elevate your brand's visibility and foster meaningful connections by sponsoring awards. Delving into award sponsorship is more than a business endeavour—it's a declaration of your commitment to excellence and industry leadership.


Keen on making a lasting impact and driving your brand's narrative? Click here to find out how.

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