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Wetherby winter warmth packs to be distributed to older people in need

More than 200 older people in Wetherby will be warmer this winter, thanks to a charity-led donation scheme.

Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE) is coordinating efforts to provide winter warmer packs to older people at a time when heating bills remain astronomically high.

Wetherby winter warmth packs to be distributed to older people in need

WiSE and Leeds Community Foundation have funded the packs- containing thermal mugs, clothing, blankets, hot drinks and other winter essentials. They will go to people in need, identified with the help of other community outreach organisations.

WiSE Chief Operating Officer Mark Dobson, said: “Staying warm helps us stay well, especially when we’re older, so we’re distributing these warm packs to help older people feel more comfortable when they’re at home.

“The funding we’ve secured means we can help around 200 older people this winter- but now we need to help of local community organisations including charities, social care providers and foodbanks to help us identify where the winter warmer packs should go.”

If any organisations would like any winter warmer packs, please email or phone 01937 588994 specifying how many. Agencies will need to collect from the WiSE office at an agreed time.

Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE) is a registered charity organisation part funded by Leeds City Council (LCC). Its aim is to improve the quality of life for the over 60s by providing community-based activities, information, help and support.

For more information, or to donate, visit

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