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Time is running out to recognise Yorkshire’s inspirational people and businesses

The Yorkshire Choice Awards celebrates the inspirational individuals, children and businesses who embody the best of our region – the unsung heroes, leaders and beacons of hope who make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Image: New Starter Business of the Year 2022 winners Reet Yorkshire Food Ltd with sponsors Elegance UK.

Co-Founder Melanie Malcolm said “We have been sharing and celebrating the amazing stories of inspirational people and outstanding businesses across Yorkshire since 2016. We are proud to be the award-giving body that recognises Yorkshire's finest and most inspirational people, but it is important to recognise the people who have inspired you. Let us know how they've been inspirational and nominate them today! You can also nominate yourself if you feel you've done something special in your community or life”.

We’re looking for people who have made a difference in the lives of others.

Image: Winners of Young Achiever 2022 Macy & Maya Burrow, with sponsors Suttle Transport

It could be a child who has shown immense courage, maybe they’ve devoted time to care for close family members or been recognised for their outstanding achievements. Or an individual who’s dedicated time to volunteer with an organisation, or someone who’s taken on a leadership role and worked hard in order to make things better for others on the industries they serve.

It could also be someone who has overcome adversity to achieve something extraordinary - perhaps they were diagnosed with cancer but fought it off, or maybe they were once homeless but now have their own business.

Or maybe you know someone who simply makes every day brighter for those around them; at work, at home or just by being part of the community?

Image: Inspirational Individual 2022 Winner Safiya Saeed, with sponsor Franks Accountants

Co-Founder Jo Maltby Said “The fact that so many people are prepared to take time out to nominate someone who has touched their life demonstrates that our region is full of wonderful, selfless and inspirational people. As ever we urge people not to miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to nominate someone special in their lives – it could be someone who has shown exceptional strength in adversity or gone the extra mile to support others”.

You have just over a month left to nominate someone special in your life for the 2023 Yorkshire Choice Awards, so if you know someone who deserves this recognition then please get nominating – before it’s too late


The ceremony takes place on 9th June 2023 at Leeds United's Centenary Pavilion. Limited tickets are on sale now and they sell out quick! Secure your place here


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