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Join the world's largest garden wildlife survey

The Big Garden Birdwatch stands as the world's largest garden wildlife survey, uniting nature enthusiasts in a shared mission to understand and appreciate the avian residents of our gardens. As we gear up for another exciting year, let's explore how you can participate and contribute to this invaluable initiative.

Join the world's largest garden wildlife survey

What is Big Garden Birdwatch?

The Big Garden Birdwatch is an annual event that draws in hundreds of thousands of participants who dedicate an hour to observing and documenting the birdlife in their gardens. By doing so, they contribute essential data that helps paint a comprehensive picture of the well-being of our feathered friends.

How to Take Part

Get Your Free Guide and Supplies:

To start, acquire your free guide and stock up on essential supplies here. The RSPB shop offers a 15% discount and free delivery on food and feeders, ensuring you're well-equipped for your birdwatching adventure.

Join the world's largest garden wildlife survey

Spend an Hour Watching and Recording:

Choose a quiet hour between January 26 and 28 to spend an hour observing the birds in your patch. Record the different species that visit, whether it's a vibrant array or a quiet solitude.

Submit Your Results:

No observation is too small. Share your findings online or by post, even if your birdwatching session yields no sightings. Every contribution adds valuable insights to our understanding of how garden birds are faring. Sign up here

Last Year's Birdwatch

In 2023, over half a million individuals participated in the Big Garden Birdwatch, collectively tallying an astounding 9.1 million birds. While House Sparrows claimed the top spot, the count revealed a 57% decline compared to the inaugural Birdwatch in 1979. These findings emphasise the urgency of participating, given that the UK has lost 38 million birds in the last 60 years.

Join the world's largest garden wildlife survey

Every Birdwatch Counts

With the challenges faced by birds today, each person's involvement in the Birdwatch holds significant importance. Whether you observe a variety of species or none at all, your contribution aids in monitoring and understanding the fluctuations in garden bird populations.

Get Ready to Take Part

Preparation is key. Explore bird feeding advice, discover tips on attracting wildlife, and ensure you're armed with the knowledge needed to make your Birdwatch a success. Your involvement in the Big Garden Birdwatch is not just a pastime; it's a vital contribution to the well-being of our avian neighbours.

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