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Embrace Vegan

Whether you're looking to embrace a balanced vegan diet full-time or just give Meat-free Monday a go, these delicious healthy vegan recipes are sure to become firm favourites. From a vegan-friendly carbonara to hearty curries and bakes, our healthy vegan meals are packed full of flavour will be sure to inspire you.

Chef Derek Sarno has created these delicious mushroom tacos – a healthy vegan meal and Mexican sharing feast. Portobello mushrooms are marinated in tangy BBQ sauce and beer, then griddled (or barbecued) until lightly charred for intense flavour. Stuff tacos with onions, mushrooms and jalapenos and top with generous spoonfuls of smashed avocado.

In this healthy vegan recipe, we've taken the classic flavours of aloo gobi and reinvented them as a tasty traybake recipe. Fuss-free and ready in 40 minutes, it's the perfect quick and easy comfort food for busy weeknights, and is also totally dairy- and gluten-free. Finish with zingy lime and fresh coriander to balance the spices, and enjoy!

Make sure your lunch is full of colour with this vibrant falafel recipe that tastes as good as it looks. These healthy wraps are filled with creamy houmous, gorgeous green pea and coriander falafels and a crunchy beetroot and apple slaw, for an easy vegan meal.

Whether you're a long term vegan, hosting vegan friends or just looking for some meat- and dairy-free dinner ideas, this tasty stuffed butternut squash recipe is the ideal simple midweek meal. With sweet leeks, chestnut mushrooms and hearty bulgur wheat, lentils and barley, this healthy vegan meal is super satisfying and ready in just over 1 hour. Serve with a side of tangy roast tomatoes, and enjoy!

Chef Derek Sarno proves you can still enjoy your favourite creamy pasta with this plant-based carbonara recipe. Using clever flavour pairings, Derek uses savoury shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce to create 'shroom bacon, and whips up a dairy-free sauce that's silky smooth but with a slight tang of miso paste that helps bring an almost cheesy flavour to this classic dish.


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