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Courier Fraud Scam Warning

Courier fraud is an old one but unfortunately, a scam that residents are still falling victim to and the scammers continue to target people ruthlessly with it.

In the latest reports, an ‘a DC Adam Thompson’ gets in touch by phone and asks the individual to help him with some ‘undercover police work'.

The individual is then asked to either purchase gold, withdraw cash or purchase expensive items which are then collected by ‘police officers’ who act as the couriers. Hence the name, courier fraud.

Of course, this is a manipulative scam in which the fraudsters use the pretense of being police officers to convince their victims.

Remember, the police or your bank will NEVER contact you and ask you to withdraw or move money, or to purchase items with your money as part of an investigation.

If you’re contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer, hang up and call 101 from a different phone line to verify their identity.

Scammers will do whatever they can to convince you they are legitimate so even if you think you'd never fall victim, it pays to be careful.

Please make sure your friends, relatives and neighbours are aware of this and know to look out for it.

Help us to stop more people from losing their money to scammers!


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