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5 Rustic Décor Ideas for a Cottage-Style Bedroom

With Hartleys

Rustic interior design has long been popular but is now emerging as one of the key trends for 2023, especially for rustic cottage-style bedrooms.

Lights hanging off a bedhead showcasing cushions and blankets

Rather than being limited to a specific style type, rustic design is an umbrella for a number of style variations. Themes such as Coastal, Cottagecore, Country and Tuscan all sit within the rustic category, but what do they have in common? Each of these themes embrace natural materials in order to create a warm and inviting living space.

In our blog we’re looking at how it’s possible to transform even the most contemporary bedroom into a timelessly cosy sleep space using the essential aspects of rustic styling.

Bed with a side table

Keep it Neutral

Cool whites and warm beiges tend to be the go-to colours for rustic bedrooms, but the modern rustic colour palette includes a more diverse range of colours.

Greens, greys, autumnal colours and even certain shades of blue can add to the rustic feel of a room when paired with natural textures such as a wood floor and exposed brickwork. Rather than overpowering a room with wall-to-wall colour, perhaps make a feature of the wall behind your bed.

Then add complementary colour accents through soft furnishings and accessories.

Wooden slats on a bedroom ceiling

Style the Ceiling

Exposed wood beams can transform a modern and characterless bedroom into a homely, barn conversion-style sleep space.

If you don’t have original beams, you can install them (real or faux). Opt for reclaimed wood where possible, for both style and for environmental purposes. If you don’t find the natural grain appealing, then you can paint your beams instead. Go for monochrome styling with black beams or a sage green for a French country-style vibe.

Wall to wall wooden wardrobes from Hartleys

Wall-to-Wall Wood

Wood plays an integral role in rustic design and wood flooring is one of the most popular features of a rustic bedroom. However, if you prefer the warmth of a carpeted floor, how about including the wood element on your walls instead?

Wall panelling is effective for adding texture to a space and it has made something of a comeback in the last few years. Rather than choosing moulded panels, why not stick to basic timber boards instead. Leave them varnished for an authentic, cabin-inspired rustic look or paint them for a more contemporary cottage feel.

For an easier and more budget-friendly alternative to wall panels, a textured wall mural can look equally striking and there are some wonderfully realistic options available.

Lighting and Layers

Once you have created the basis of your rustic bedroom design with your ceiling, walls and floor, it’s time to layer up! Layering is key to achieving a comfortable and cosy space, so think about how you can add warmth and softness.

Have you included dark woods or bold colours in your rustic colour palette? If so, soften with crisp white cotton and dress windows with sheer fabrics. If your colour scheme is predominantly neutral, you can add heavier materials such as hessian, linen and faux fur. Add an extra layer of interest through scatter cushions, fluffy rugs and cosy throws.

The lighting you choose will also impact the overall ambience of your rustic bedroom. Small lamps with woven shades will add rustic charm to bedside tables, decorative wall sconces will add interest and a wrought iron chandelier will create an impressive style statement. Make sure you choose light bulbs which emit a warm glow and avoid LED strip lighting completely.

Styling a bedroom with books and rustic wood

Finishing Touches

Once you come to accessorising your rustic bedroom, you can be as creative as you wish, but avoid cluttering up surfaces with too many trinkets, so you don’t lose the essence of the room design.

Metallic accessories look effective in spaces dominated by wood, and the metal you choose is entirely up to you. Wrought iron and gold are traditional options but there’s nothing to say you can’t add contemporary elements with accents of chrome.

A vintage alarm clock on books

Vintage-style accessories can bring a rustic bedroom together and you’re likely to find plenty of affordable second-hand treasures in your local charity shops.

If you want to liven up plain walls, perhaps seek out a charming landscape painting or add a gallery of framed sepia prints.

At Hartleys we offer a wide palette of wood-grain finishes, ranging from light Scandi shades through to rich dark tones. Select a classic door design and vintage-style doorknobs or handles and create an authentically rustic vibe with your bespoke furniture choices. Storage is designed according to your space and requirements, so your treasures can be beautifully displayed whilst your clothing and belongings are safely and efficiently stored away.

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