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Free Online Networking

A million things can come from a simple 'hello'

Your Local Twitter Hours


Every Monday 8-9pm - just add #harrogatehour to your tweets during the hour.



Every Tuesday 8-9pm - just add #wetherbyhour to your tweets during the hour.


What is a twitter hour?

Twitter hours are online networking events that have the advantage of being free to attend, relaxed and friendly. They are a great way to get your business known in your local area. Just by adding the relevant hashtag yu can connect with businesses, clients and potential customers.

Twitter makes it ridiculously easy to grow your brand.

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What are the benefits?

Twitter hours are designed to create a greater reach for everyone’s post so that more people can see it, even those who aren’t taking part in the hour. We do that by retweeting and sharing tweets.

Helping you to connect with other like-minded business

Replying, commenting or retweeting a post during the hour, opens up the opportunity for you to engage with more people. Businesses joining the hour are actively available for the whole 60 minutes and they don't just want to let you know what they do, they are ready to hear about you too!

You can schedule in advance

Twitter hours can move quickly, so it's a good idea to schedule ahead of time anything you want to tell tweeters about you. This will also leave you free to make connections during the hour.

Your 'Power Hour'

Your power lies in conversation and interaction, just like when we network face-to-face, we have to be there to meet everyone. In fact, some hours (including #harrogatehour and #wetherbyhour will not retweet posts that are scheduled without any engagement).

Grow your following and exposure

Virtual events such as twitter hours are great for building your followers. Connections do not just happen throughout the hour! As #harrogatehour and #wetherbyhour are public, anyone adding the hashtags to their search bars can see your posts.

 Did you know that most of the time less than 10% of your followers see your post due to algorithms?

When you are on a twitter hour, you have the option to interact with a lot of accounts at ones and we'll bet that most don't already follow or engage with you! Getting a retweet, follow or comment from these accounts will increase your reach.

More relaxed

Networking isn't for everyone, but a vital part of business. Being able to network from the comfort of your own home, enables a more relaxed environment. #harrogatehour and #wetherbyhour are both extremely welcoming and friendly.

Be visible and trusted

As you network, you become a familiar business and familiarity builds content. People buy from people and if they are personally connecting with you weekly, you become a business to trust.

These are just a few ways that joining our twitter hours can help you grow your small business. What are you witing for!

"Highly recommended for bringing businesses together and generating referrals".

Adam Franks, Franks Accountants

Prefer to network in person?

We are bringing our FREE live networking events back in 2023!

We will have limited numbers to enable effective networking, make sure you sign up for our release dates in advance here.

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